Specific courses

Stirling School develops throughout the year specific and intensive courses to improve more specific skills of the English language, such as the pronunciation, listening comprehension (listening) or the creation of texts (writing).

In addition, the school offers small technical courses between 20 and 40 hours to gain knowledge in areas such as Tourism, Oenology, Commerce or Medicine, as well as for those in need of a bonus in English focused on customer care and/or telephone.

When finalizing the technical training courses you will receive a certificate of attendance with the number of hours for each course.



The main objective of this course is to develop English oral communication and writings generated by the tourist world processes. More specifically, the course focuses on the acquisition of the vocabulary used in the tourist environment, the interpretation of oral messages, expressed by customers and suppliers, issued in the field of tourism and hospitality.

All trying to get the student to communicate orally and in writing in the English language, as well as to foster personal relations skill learning how to improve communication skills.



See practical tricks and rules (Yes, there are!) of English pronunciation. With our pronunciation course you will learn the differences and similarities in sound between the Spanish language and the English language, and will improve more than 50% of your pronunciation. Learn with us and our teachers which specialize in English phonetics something you have never been taugh. You’ll be surprised how easy that can be to improve your pronunciation! Ideal for students who prepare oral exams for their official titles, but it is offered to all those students who want to improve and leave behind their Spanish accent to communicate in the English language.



Especially for people who have problems in listening and understanding English. The listening workshop is aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, youth and students in preparation for official exams and to anyone who is interested who want to improve and develop their listening skills in English.

Progress in your vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, retention and memory with our listening exercises.

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