The methodology for us on the `how´ is almost as important as the `what´, that is why our personal method STIR IT UP is a key part of understanding the Stirling brand.

Learning a language is to learn how to create, to acquire tools and build, so it is impossible to put it out using obsolete mechanisms as the memorization and repetition.

In Stirling we believe that innovation is vital in the field of language teaching and it is for this reason that we are denying the concept of the traditional class. The use of internet and audiovisual material is a fundamental condition in understanding the methodology of this school. We live in a country where the teaching of English is based on the study of grammar without giving importance to its speaking and that is something we never allow in Stirling.

We teach the English language in a lively way. The curiosity and the desire to understand this language as a safe conduct in order to expand our worlds is something that Stirling stands by.

In our school it is important the attitude, the consistency and the thinking. We value more the cooperation than the competition. The impossible does not exist, at least in this school there is no impossible. We think big and we want to teach you to do so, at the end of the day, doing less means more!

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